Weekly photo challenge: Sunset

As I have mentioned before, I don’t like direct photos of sunset. I like sunsets, but 99% of sunset photos are just plain cheesy and bring back very unpleasant memories of an ambitious art student with a knack for abstraction, who was constantly told that sunsets, flower compositions and naked women paintings will sell, and abstract art won’t, and therefore she should stop doing what she wants and loves, because nobody has the time to do what they want if they want to make money. I hate people telling me what I should do and absolutely nobody has the right to do that when it comes to art. So here’s a sunset photo without a sunset. Well, almost.

Taken in Maastricht, Netherlands.

Pinhole Experiments IV

I vaguely remember choosing a colour film for that session with no idea what the colours would come out. I knew it would be somewhat unpredictable, and thought that if I didn’t like the colours, I’d desaturate them digitally anyway. I’m glad I chose the colour film, although some of these photos look better in black and white (I checked).

Pinhole experiments

I was going through my archives to see what I could post, and found this folder with a film scan from 2007, when I tried to experiment with a pinhole camera. I shot one film, scanned the negative, found the photos disappointing and moved on to digital photography.

Looking at these photos now, I find a whole new level of awesomeness about them. Not the careful-composition-perfect-exposure-eyestabbing-focus awesomeness, but rather cool-experiment-nice-atmosphere quality.

Yes, it’s a terribly blurry, badly overexposed photo with weird colours and random composition, scanned from an apparently damaged negative that I didn’t care to retouch. And I still think it’s cool.

Also, it shows my hometown, Wroclaw <3

Journey stories II

I often travel by train or bus, and I’ve been experimenting with taking photos through windows. As it’s seen, with all the reflections, parts of the vehicle I’m in, dirty glass, distortions etc; trying to shape all that into a composition. Sometimes I change the colours a bit. In this one, I enhanced them to create a slightly surreal feeling.