City Sunset (collage)

Greetings after a break. I’ve been busy with some other projects but also sick quite recently, I don’t go out and I have been making more collages.
I am hoping to go somewhere new in the Spring, so I can take some photos because when it comes to photography I’m totally uninspired at the moment.

Still scissors happy though.

city sunset m

Urban colours

Dublin is a very colourful place, with buildings painted in vibrant shades and people not being afraid of wearing some colour on them. I love it.

UPDATE 25/01/2011: Sorry guys, I had to change the place of the watermark of this one, as somebody took this photo, chopped off the bottom and put it on their commercial website (which not only is illegal and violates my intelectual property, but pissed me off big time). They were stupid enough to leave a pingback though.