Taken in Maastricht, Netherlands.


Yellow bike

I’m going to have an exhibition of my photography in November. I’m supposed to choose some of my Ireland photos and I’m not sure which ones to take. Of course I’d like to show as many as possible, but I have to pay for the prints and framing, so I really have to pick out the best ones. Any ideas which ones to choose?

Weekly photo challenge: Sunset

As I have mentioned before, I don’t like direct photos of sunset. I like sunsets, but 99% of sunset photos are just plain cheesy and bring back very unpleasant memories of an ambitious art student with a knack for abstraction, who was constantly told that sunsets, flower compositions and naked women paintings will sell, and abstract art won’t, and therefore she should stop doing what she wants and loves, because nobody has the time to do what they want if they want to make money. I hate people telling me what I should do and absolutely nobody has the right to do that when it comes to art. So here’s a sunset photo without a sunset. Well, almost.

Taken in Maastricht, Netherlands.

In a hurry

Taken in a hurry at the ‘s-Hertogenbosch station, when we ran from one train to another when they suddenly changed the route and informed the passengers in Dutch only. At first I was angry, but then I found out I had two minutes to take photos.

Night town

As usually, I’m not sure how this photo should look, because I still can’t see anything on my laptop screen. I’m suspecting there is too much overall contrast making the top pitch black but I can’t say for sure.

This was taken in Maastricht, Netherlands.

Care to share?

Amsterdam ZOO, a peacock walking from one table to another, begging people for food. Additionally, in Polish it’s a kind of a word game – “paw, który sępi” – non-translatable, I’m afraid (but a main reason I’m actually posting this, I have better photos from this trip).


“Vischhandel” means “fish trade” in Dutch, so I have a theory that this is just a pub in a place that used to be a fish shop (in the late 19th or early 20th century, judging by the sign’s typeface).

This was taken in Haarlem, Holland. The guy on the photo was opening the pub. He thought he was ruining my photo, but I really wanted him on it. He laughed.