City Sunset (collage)

Greetings after a break. I’ve been busy with some other projects but also sick quite recently, I don’t go out and I have been making more collages.
I am hoping to go somewhere new in the Spring, so I can take some photos because when it comes to photography I’m totally uninspired at the moment.

Still scissors happy though.

city sunset m

Wearable art – Croppingreality pendants

Some of you may know that beside being a traditional artist and a photographer, I also make jewellery. I decided that it would be cool to join these two things – art and crafts, so I made a miniature collage (2.5×2.5cm / 1×1″) and stuck it in a metal frame under a glass tile to preserve it.

I think I consider it more a picture than a jewellery piece, that’s why it’s wearing a Croppingreality watermark, not my usual jewellery watermark.

I used paper scraps that I normally use for bigger collages, not a picture I printed out and could reuse, so the piece is entirely unique. With the supplies I currently have I could make nineteen more. This one is available in my Etsy shop. What do you think?
IMG_0835razem m

Things you can see from a plane 01

My dad had a serious car accident on Oct 24th (because of a certain moron in an off-road car). He’s in a hospital with a lot of broken bones (hip, ribs, sternum, elbow) and his lungs are damaged. He had both scheduled surgeries already, he was in an induced coma but now he is a bit better and breathing on his own. He’s in good hands, at one of the best hospitals in the area, but there are years of rehabilitation and healing ahead of him, that’s why I’ll use all the income from my deviantArt print shop to help with his healthcare (probably a chunk of my Etsy shop income as well). Christmas and Hanukkah are approaching, so please consider buying some of my stuff as gifts for your friends and families. Thanks!

I had to go to Poland for a week to help my mum with stuff, unfortunately I didn’t manage to talk to dad – they woke him up after I’ve gone back to Ireland. I’m hoping he will be able to use a phone soon.

The only good thing that came out of this all is that I got inspired while travelling on a plane, so there you go.

things you see from a plane 01 m

Making a mural

This is Anna, and she’s painting a mural on Thomas Street in Dublin. She was really nice and told me and my friend Margaret that apparently somebody decided that Thomas St. is too grey so the idea is to decorate it with many murals. I will come back there another weekend to see what she’s come up with.


Neighbourhood Gargoyle

I’m sure you all know at least one of these ladies, who sit in the window all afternoon and scan the neighbourhood very carefully for anything they could potentially be unhappy about so they can immediately tell everybody else about it or yell at someone?

I had an idea that when you do something very often in one place you and this place grow together, like this lady and her window did.