Pinhole experiments

I was going through my archives to see what I could post, and found this folder with a film scan from 2007, when I tried to experiment with a pinhole camera. I shot one film, scanned the negative, found the photos disappointing and moved on to digital photography.

Looking at these photos now, I find a whole new level of awesomeness about them. Not the careful-composition-perfect-exposure-eyestabbing-focus awesomeness, but rather cool-experiment-nice-atmosphere quality.

Yes, it’s a terribly blurry, badly overexposed photo with weird colours and random composition, scanned from an apparently damaged negative that I didn’t care to retouch. And I still think it’s cool.

Also, it shows my hometown, Wroclaw <3

9 thoughts on “Pinhole experiments

  1. Haha I was looking for this. I think I may have to cap my film escapade in order to have photos for my daily shot which is being neglected… unfortunately.

  2. Hey, trying to come out with a new project and looking for people that would be interested in helping. would you or anyone you know be interested in helping with this photo project? It is based on a pinhole camera and a ring flesh combination, there is going to come out a series of pictures and portraits. there might come out a book as well Thank you

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