Weekly photo challenge: Sunset

As I have mentioned before, I don’t like direct photos of sunset. I like sunsets, but 99% of sunset photos are just plain cheesy and bring back very unpleasant memories of an ambitious art student with a knack for abstraction, who was constantly told that sunsets, flower compositions and naked women paintings will sell, and abstract art won’t, and therefore she should stop doing what she wants and loves, because nobody has the time to do what they want if they want to make money. I hate people telling me what I should do and absolutely nobody has the right to do that when it comes to art. So here’s a sunset photo without a sunset. Well, almost.

Taken in Maastricht, Netherlands.

3 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Sunset

  1. Just beautiful! Wonderfully soft. I appreciate your thoughts on sunsets. Whilst I do publish photos of them from time to time, I agree there is the current ‘classic’ sunset shot – wide angle, sweeping, very 3D clouds that wows them every time. I put one up last week, for the first time ever – feeling almost a bit embarrassed about it. Got like 5 times the usual comments – people loved it, adored it, how incredible… And I didn’t really know what to say, cos it was just a cheesy sunset shot… ha ha…

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