Journey Stories XXVII



In a hurry

Taken in a hurry at the ‘s-Hertogenbosch station, when we ran from one train to another when they suddenly changed the route and informed the passengers in Dutch only. At first I was angry, but then I found out I had two minutes to take photos.


A detail of a steam locomotive rolling into a platform. The guy was most likely checking if people were behind the line as they were supposed to. I was standing at the edge of the platform, away from most people, which allowed me to take some photos before the crowd poured before my camera. Everybody was so eager to see the steam train. Especially the kids.

Steam train

Guess if I could resist, when I heard a steam train right outside my window (I live next to the train station). My injured foot didn’t seem to mind a small walk anyway. The locomotive was beautiful, but there were so many people, and the light was so bright, that I didn’t manage to take a lot of good photos that didn’t contain random people doing random stuff. The light contrast was somewhat unpredictable, and I have photos where the dark side is too dark and the other one is too overexposed to be of any use >.<
Still, I'm happy with the few I've got.


Dublin Pearse Station.

I’m running out of new photos, and I can’t go photo shooting because I’m having problems with my foot and am not supposed to walk. Do you guys think it would be ok for me to post some older photos until I get better?