Dublin Pearse Station.

I’m running out of new photos, and I can’t go photo shooting because I’m having problems with my foot and am not supposed to walk. Do you guys think it would be ok for me to post some older photos until I get better?

4 thoughts on “Structures

  1. Gee, this is a tough call… no one’s ever actually given me the choice of forcing them to go out shooting with an injury and on those grounds I am tempted to say – no – you must produce a new photo every day.
    But then my humanitarian side says – I’m okay with older photos.
    But then my little creative demon says you should do a ‘prisoner’ series. Only photos you can take from your windows. A great way to play with light at different times of the day, events that happen weekly (rubbish removal, street sweeping, etc). Be an urban spy…

    I am sure I will enjoy whatever you do. and get better soon!


    1. LOL. That’s a brilliant idea, actually, thanks. I’ll probably do a little bit of both. Might show you some old photos from my hometown, and do the “prisoner” series.

  2. I would say that this would be a great time to rifle through the archives and find the forgotten photos to post. I also like Veronicas idea of a ‘prisoner’ series, photographing the pent up life you have to live for a while sound pretty good. What ever you do I hope you get rested and healed

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