Wearable art – Croppingreality pendants

Some of you may know that beside being a traditional artist and a photographer, I also make jewellery. I decided that it would be cool to join these two things – art and crafts, so I made a miniature collage (2.5×2.5cm / 1×1″) and stuck it in a metal frame under a glass tile to preserve it.

I think I consider it more a picture than a jewellery piece, that’s why it’s wearing a Croppingreality watermark, not my usual jewellery watermark.

I used paper scraps that I normally use for bigger collages, not a picture I printed out and could reuse, so the piece is entirely unique. With the supplies I currently have I could make nineteen more. This one is available in my Etsy shop. What do you think?
IMG_0835razem m

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