Meet my tabby friend


Whenever I’m in my hometown in Poland I look out for this little guy. He lives in a basement on the same block that my flat is in. I pay him irregular tribute in the form of cat chow and fresh water and then we exchange some affection. If I lived there for good I’d probably take him home with me, he’s very friendly and apparently quite lonely. Apart from that he seems to be quite alright, has a warm place to stay and people who live in the area feed him well.


If you’re free and in Dublin (Ireland) on November 9-10th there’s 3rd Splash Art Festival, where I’m going to exhibit my art, jewellery and play music.

I’ve been at this festival once already and I have to say – brilliant. Met lots of great people and saw some beautiful creations, so looking forward to it very much.

Making a mural

This is Anna, and she’s painting a mural on Thomas Street in Dublin. She was really nice and told me and my friend Margaret that apparently somebody decided that Thomas St. is too grey so the idea is to decorate it with many murals. I will come back there another weekend to see what she’s come up with.


Concrete Composition

I’m testing posting photos from my mobile phone. That would be handy during holidays when I can’t really edit photos on my laptop (crappy screen ). I would still take regular camera photos and post them after I’m back home, but the phone will give me an opportunity to share photos of nice places while I’m there. What do you think?