Steam train

Guess if I could resist, when I heard a steam train right outside my window (I live next to the train station). My injured foot didn’t seem to mind a small walk anyway. The locomotive was beautiful, but there were so many people, and the light was so bright, that I didn’t manage to take a lot of good photos that didn’t contain random people doing random stuff. The light contrast was somewhat unpredictable, and I have photos where the dark side is too dark and the other one is too overexposed to be of any use >.<
Still, I'm happy with the few I've got.

Sepia Dublin

I made this photomanipulation about two years ago, but I don’t think I’ve ever published it anywhere. The texture was taken from stock.xchng, I think. It’s not really a photomanipulation, more like digital darkroom, as the main photo is unchanged, I just added a paper texture to give it the retro look (sort of like double exposure with a magnifier).

Taken in Dublin.