I’m reviewing some of my photos I had decided not to publish, but some of them are actually ok, when edited properly. Maybe I needed to stop staring at them for a few weeks. This one came out in a vintage style in the postprocessing (remember the old black and white photographs painted with watercolour to add some life to them?). I like the surreality of it. The world seems massively surreal to me most of the time, I suppose.

This was the first warm and sunny Sunday of this year, during the St. Patrick’s day festival. People went to parks with their families to enjoy the warmth and nice weather.

St. Patrick’s festival

I stumbled upon this while strolling around looking at the St. Patrick’s Day festival events at the Merrion Square in Dublin. This one was inside the park; the idea was to write your thanks or wishes on a piece of paper and then attach it to one of the many yellow flags stuck into the grass.

Journey stories II

I often travel by train or bus, and I’ve been experimenting with taking photos through windows. As it’s seen, with all the reflections, parts of the vehicle I’m in, dirty glass, distortions etc; trying to shape all that into a composition. Sometimes I change the colours a bit. In this one, I enhanced them to create a slightly surreal feeling.


Playing with focus in my new lens :)


You sit in front of your computer doing stuff for the whole day and nothing happens, and then you leave the house for several hours and suddenly you get tons of likes and comments :D

This is my second appearance in Freshly Pressed. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. You have no idea how much it motivates me to go on.