8 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. Love how you’re working with square images lately (is it new or did I just notice?) I find it breaks me out of ‘grid’ mode and moves me into ‘layer’ mode… and diagonals are even more interesting… the fence lines, the bench, the hedge, and finally the grass and kerb in the foreground.

    Yes, I love this lady – but if I were titling it, I would have called it solitude. To me, she is engaged in what she is doing, looking down into her book and does not seem lonely at all. Now if she had been looking out into the distance or was bent over with a sense of grief or loss, then I might have gone for loneliness… Of course, that is completely subjective – and such a wonderful image to provoke those thoughts…

      1. I see the debate continues… you know you’ve nailed it when it makes people move past admiring a photo for its aesthetic qualities and explore their own emotions… So maybe it wasn’t such a crap title…

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