6 thoughts on “Bike and books

  1. hi ula.
    i’m just beginning to learn about photography. may i be frank to you? i’m very uninformed on the art of photography and want to ask. your photography looks really nice sometimes a bit vintage, with a very calm light (sorry for the weird interpretation). it looks soothing. but i don’t actually know if there’s suppose to be a main object in the shot.
    are there no main object or if i put it another way, is everything in the shot the main object? is what you’re trying to achieve with the shot a certain mood?

    1. Usually it’s just a composition on its own, kind of a visual anecdote. Primarily it’s not about a main subject of a photo for me, because I’m not a photojournalist. Sometimes there can be a main subject, though, sometimes a mood, or something I thought was funny.

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