Yellow bike

I’m going to have an exhibition of my photography in November. I’m supposed to choose some of my Ireland photos and I’m not sure which ones to take. Of course I’d like to show as many as possible, but I have to pay for the prints and framing, so I really have to pick out the best ones. Any ideas which ones to choose?

6 thoughts on “Yellow bike

    1. Well they didn’t give me any subject for the exhibition, I can show what I want. The exhibition is in Dublin, so I’m thinking maybe Dublin area photos?

      1. A variety would probably be nice, though the home audience would love some local photos, I’d say – you had one of the horses & carts at Stephens Green that I especially loved, and some great ones around the DART/Grand Canal area that might be popular. You’ll have to let us all know where/when the exhibition is on- would love to pop in if I can. :)

      2. I know for sure it’s the last weekend of November at the Conradh na Gaeilge (Harcourt St., close to Stephen’s Green), along with a Celtic music festival and sessions (my session photos will be shown as a slideshow on a screen). I was thinking of covering one wall with some black and white “dark” city photos and the other one with some of my general colour photos.

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