Night town

As usually, I’m not sure how this photo should look, because I still can’t see anything on my laptop screen. I’m suspecting there is too much overall contrast making the top pitch black but I can’t say for sure.

This was taken in Maastricht, Netherlands.

5 thoughts on “Night town

  1. To me it looks fine, even with the pitch black sky. I wouldn’t change the contrast level, but that may be just my display,,, This will always be an issue with web images. A calibrated display would help, otherwise only a good print will tell the true.

    1. My home screen will tell, but I can’t just stop blogging because I have only a laptop. Worst case scenario, I will edit those photos again and submit better versions when I go back on Saturday (I have about 13 GB of photos to go through, what’s a few more, right?)

  2. Looks O.K to me,i think something´s obscuring the building top right,some sort of banner perhaps? Nice moody shot!

  3. I don’t know, I like the contrast level in this shot, it creates a bit of a ‘broody’ atmosphere. Also like the blurred figures, and the sense of mystery they help create. Cool stuff all round.

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