Weekly photo challenge: Fall

My first thought was that the challenge was not about the current time of year (I think of it as Autumn), but about falling. Well, I suppose it could be both, as it isn’t specified. I couldn’t think of anything cool for the latter, so here’s an Autumn shot.

These days have been sunny and very warm and generally lovely in Netherlands. I wonder what it’ll be like when I go back to Ireland on Saturday.

6 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Fall

  1. I like that you chose something that is golden without being the typical “oh it’s fall, let’s post a golden/red/orange leaf on the blog” photo. The subject you chose is far more interesting, so thank you for that.

  2. I’m surprised at how many of us are having to translate ‘fall’. I suppose I thought most bloggers at WordPress were from the US, but there seems a pretty big contingent who speak British English. The bilingualism is an interesting insight into our thought processes.
    Oh, and this is a great picture! It’s luminous and uplifting, it looks like a jewel, a brooch, and a far cry from hackneyed images of autumn.

    1. Whenever someone clicks “like” on my post, WordPress informs me where they are, and it’s totally all over the world (including Africa, Asia, and Antipodes, which is awesome and very flattering – my photos are being viewed everywhere) and just about one third of them (or less) from the US. I wonder why, perhaps US bloggers are less interested in watching shots of Europe?

  3. I love teasel – this plant – its incredible seed heads. I have one that my husband picked for me probably 18 years ago. It still sits in a little nook on my shelf. :)

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