Under water

I wish I had taken a better photo, and I really missed a good opportunity here. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to catch this sea lion’s head, just its arse :( They’re too quick! I tried different angles after taking this shot, but then the boy went away. Blargh.
What I do like about this photo, though, is light (even though the sea lion’s arse is slightly overexposed), that’s why I decided to publish it anyway.

3 thoughts on “Under water

  1. I have a bunch of shots that ‘almost’ make it, could have, should have, would have been great ‘if only…’ I like that you published it for all the reasons you give… and because sometimes we don’t get the shot we ‘see’ but still still see what we might have got if only…

  2. There´s nothing wrong with this photo Ula,forget the arse, the silhouette is beautiful,keep it up,love the light rays!

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