“Vischhandel” means “fish trade” in Dutch, so I have a theory that this is just a pub in a place that used to be a fish shop (in the late 19th or early 20th century, judging by the sign’s typeface).

This was taken in Haarlem, Holland. The guy on the photo was opening the pub. He thought he was ruining my photo, but I really wanted him on it. He laughed.

6 thoughts on “Vischhandel

    1. Indeed, even when I shoot city shots I usually wait until something interesting happens: someone walks by (it’s awesome if they wear something in colour that matches the rest of the shot), or someone on a bike passes by, etc. Photos are more alive this way. The other thing is when I try to shoot some abstract composition, people aren’t necessary then and they are disturbing my photo in that case.

    1. Awesome! I’m staying in Holland until the end of September, so hopefully will have enough photos for three months of blogging from here ;D

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