I’m reviewing some of my photos I had decided not to publish, but some of them are actually ok, when edited properly. Maybe I needed to stop staring at them for a few weeks. This one came out in a vintage style in the postprocessing (remember the old black and white photographs painted with watercolour to add some life to them?). I like the surreality of it. The world seems massively surreal to me most of the time, I suppose.

This was the first warm and sunny Sunday of this year, during the St. Patrick’s day festival. People went to parks with their families to enjoy the warmth and nice weather.

6 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Reminds me of the George Seurat painting, A Sunday on la Grand Jatte – especially because of the little girl in pink, and the seated figures – some seem so similar to the ones in Seurat’s painting!

  2. Wow, I like this vintage style. So many of the popular “vintage style” photos don’t look that great, but this is nice. Is this a stock setting, or did you do this by yourself step by step?

    1. I don’t remember, to be honest, but I’m almost sure I used a ready setting and then tweaked it further until I liked the effect (because that’s what I often do).

  3. Wow. Has a classic feel yet is still so obviously modern. I feel like getting out a parasol and stepping into it. :D Great photo.

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