Journey stories III

DART is an acronym for Dublin Area Rapid Transport. Basically it’s a train line that goes north-south along the coast and through the Dublin City centre. I actually love the name “DART”, it’s a pretty nifty word game.

11 thoughts on “Journey stories III

      1. Well, if it’s BART in Bay Area and DART in Dublin, what would it be in Frankfurt? ;-)

        (But seriously, we do have this, just with less catchy name).

  1. I tried to take a photo at my local train station last month but the Queensland government apparently has a policy that if you have a big camera (read DSLR) you are not allowed to take photos at the train station. It is apparently OK for you to use a point and shoot though. I must be a terrorist because I use a DSLR.

  2. Here in San Francisco, we call our train system, ‘BART,’ or the Bay Area Rapid Train System. I think I like the name, ‘DART,’ better for a train system. I hope yours is speedier than ours!

  3. ‘DART’ is, indeed, a good name for a train. From what I remember (I used it one week few years back), it was rather ok.
    A simple and very effective shot. I like it.

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