By: Ula

Mar 04 2011

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Category: photography


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/59 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL

Playing with focus in my new lens :)


You sit in front of your computer doing stuff for the whole day and nothing happens, and then you leave the house for several hours and suddenly you get tons of likes and comments :D

This is my second appearance in Freshly Pressed. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. You have no idea how much it motivates me to go on.



90 comments on “Lines”

  1. I love it! Neat perspective, and neat picture over all!
    Congrats on Freshly Pressed! This deserves it.

  2. I love the title of this. Maybe that is why you got picked. “Cropping Reality”.

  3. Just a great photograph! Have fun playing with your lens! ;)

  4. I love B/W photos. Very nice!

  5. If I had any clue about photography I’d make an intelligent comment. Since I don’t, I hope “that’s cool” will do.

  6. Really like this one!

  7. What an amazing picture!

  8. I absolutely love your pictures…… long have you been doing this?

  9. very cool photo.its funny cause i was just messing around with my 50mm on my canon as well. very soft pictures

  10. wow!! photography at its best! congratulations, fabulous work!!

  11. Fabulous image!!! Congrats on FP #2!

  12. I’m new to this blogging thing, but I really like this picture :)

  13. This is so beautiful!
    Love how you took the picture! Very special!

  14. Love this picture…

  15. Nice shot. Great blog title too…

  16. Fantastic picture…I’m a photographer and really appreciate the B&W done well…and your composition and texture are really great in this shot! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your Pressage!! :)


  17. Awesome!

  18. Very well done! I can’t think of anything to say that hasn’t already been said, so insert all the nice complimentary stuff here. :)

  19. Love LOVE this photo! Great shot!

  20. This photo is nothing short of amazing! Kudos on being featured in Freshly Pressed, as this is definitely worthy of it. The lines are perfect! Keep it up.

  21. Beautiful. Keep it up :)

  22. I love this picture.. :)

  23. Fantastic shot – love it!

  24. Great perspective..!

  25. amazing… just amazing

  26. The ability to transform something so ordinary into something so beautiful… what a skill! Lovely pictures!

  27. Nice perspective! Really like the tones, too. Could look at this one a few times!

  28. I agree with rtcrita. Love it. So mesmerizing!

  29. Gorgeous! The way you captured the perspective and texture is just amazing.

  30. Keep playing with the focus! Beautiful work!

  31. this is an amazing image..captured perfectly..Im not at all suprised you got picked..deservedly so..Eliza Keating

  32. I really love the lines in this photo. You have been able to capture an image that has me looking into the photo for a long time. I love it.

  33. Woow.. Great stuff ..I like how the pic looks and the resolution .. looks like magic..

  34. love it! great intensity

    check me out at

  35. beautiful photo, great dof…

  36. nice tones and compo, and also the details.

  37. Just beautiful, Ula. You are an artist in every sense of the word. Congrats on being freshly pressed — and keep shooting. You have a wonderful eye.

  38. I really like it, especially the beautiful neat lines. I think black and white photography is your forte!
    Where was this taken by the way?

  39. Great picture! I love B & W in general and this shot has neat perspective. I like how the weathered look of the bench comes out. Would love to know, what time you took this picture. Congrats on Freshly Pressed :)

  40. Love this photo. This is exactly the kind of stuff I like to play with too. I love finding weird patterns and shapes and creating photos that look like abstract paintings. Some of my favorites come from fire escapes and art museums (lots of architectural stuff). Congrats!!

  41. Wonderful, as well as deep. To see more than the line takes true insight.

    Valentine deFrancis

  42. You must be doing something right to be on freshly pressed twice!

    • Indeed, I might be on to something *giggles*. I have no idea what, though O_o. My photos get repeatedly denied from all the prestigious photography groups on the deviantArt.

  43. not only the lines in your image, the lines on the text part is also really great….
    thankz for them…

  44. Congrats on getting FP x 2. You deserve it. I like how you’re able to give your photos a ‘filmic’ look. Love your b&ws! I look forward to seeing more.

  45. amazing picture. i like the depth.

  46. too good…bringing out the beauty in everyday objects is the real talent of a photographer…simply awesome!!!

  47. Beautiful shot. I love leading lines like this!

  48. PS: In case you haven’t noticed …this site is the 2nd fastest growing blog on wordpress right now. One above CNN …nice work :)

  49. Love your perspective.

  50. This is an amazing photo. Great perspective, brilliant b&w processing!

  51. Congratulations on getting “freshly pressed.” I also gave you a “thumbs up” for StumbleUpon. Keep up the good work.

  52. Love the perspective & depth of field, nice contrast between the bench and floor decking. Good to see a fellow Canon user up on Freshly Pressed.
    SJD @

  53. Congrats and this is a cool photo. The mystery in who is sitting at the end of the bench in soft focus is a nice touch.

  54. Amazing photograph (love the black and white). Congrats for appearing on Freshly Pressed!

  55. Fantastic photo with the three sets of lines moving forward and stopping at the people sitting and walking. A great view!

  56. Nice picture mate. Its perspective it’s amazing….and the black and white effect gives to the photograph a special art touch.

    Congrats for being freshly pressed again :D

  57. I saw the tiny version on the Photography Tags page and knew it was Dublin so I had to click through. I love the perspective. Nice work.

  58. Świetne, dynamiczne ujęcie :).

  59. wonderful image! love the perspective you give to it. Very nice. -Kim

  60. Such sensational work!

  61. Wow, I really like the “focus point” on this. I would never have thought to focus a photo like that. When I first looked at the photo I loved it, then of course I started to analyze it and realized I couldn’t figure out the focus point, then I still loved the photo.

  62. Fantastic lines… Absolutely love it. How do you know you made it on freshly pressed besides finding yourself? Just curious :)

  63. I really liked his picture, black and white color adds a dramatic picture, and I am very happy with compositions that highlight the wood bench.

  64. Great! I really enjoy the composition with this photo! The people sitting on the bench in the background really make the shot! Great work!

  65. I love this photo.. LOVE it.. I’m an ethnomusicologist just delving into visual ethnography, and thus learning the ins and outs of photography. Would love to know more about your equipment… maybe that’s another post?

  66. The ability to transform something so ordinary into something so beautiful… what a skill! Lovely pictures!

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