Weekly photo challenge: abundance

One of the seals in Howth, Ireland. They are being overfed by tourists so badly, that they can barely move, and yet they beg for more food. And people are stupid and don’t realize that they’re harming those poor creatures instead of helping them.

7 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: abundance

  1. I love the photo, but I also love your comment about people with not so much common sense, giving all kinds of food to wild animals. I don’t know if by doing so, they realize they are harming these animals.

    1. I love your euphemism: “people with not so much commons sense”. I can never bring myself to call something anything else that it is, though, but I admire people who can. Anyway, I think that either they don’t know, or they do know but they feed them anyway because it’s “fun”. In this case it means that they’re cruel morons, not just morons.

  2. It’s a beautiful photo. I want to believe that these people don’t know what they’re doing to the seals, because it makes me sad to think how stupid and cruel some humans are. I wish the poor animals could be protected from us, “intelligent” creatures.

    1. Indeed. Actually in Howth there are fish stores where you can buy, among other things, special “seal food buckets” for 3 EUR or so, so at least people feed them with fish, not with candy and other things that seals are not supposed to eat. But still.

  3. gives a hole new meaning to the saying don’t feed the animals… i also agree with several of your readers the people don’t know any better they see a large majestic animal that wants food from them and they think ah how cute….. and it would be except for what it is doing to these animals… nice photo!

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