Urban colours

Dublin is a very colourful place, with buildings painted in vibrant shades and people not being afraid of wearing some colour on them. I love it.

UPDATE 25/01/2011: Sorry guys, I had to change the place of the watermark of this one, as somebody took this photo, chopped off the bottom and put it on their commercial website (which not only is illegal and violates my intelectual property, but pissed me off big time). They were stupid enough to leave a pingback though.

83 thoughts on “Urban colours

    1. Actually, the bacground is automatically generated to match the photo. I’m anxious to see what the backgound will be with each new photo :D

  1. Love your photos. They are exactly the kind of shots I love. People never understand why I fall in love with a little corner of a door sometimes and have to stop and take pictures of it.

    I saw another photograph blog the other day with this matching background thing. I think that’s a really cool theme. (Oh dear, now I sound like spam…)

    But congratulations on being freshly pressed anyway!

    1. Yeah, I’ve seen several photoblogs with this theme (there are two similar available, actually), it’s perfect for this type of blog. Thanks.

  2. Now that’s what I call a colorful tapestry!! The purple is divine!!!I just might have to visit Dublin. Tomorrow, I will mix this color scheme in my outfit. Merci!!

  3. Beautiful! Lately I’ve had a real fascination with blue doors. Can’t find ’em here in Toronto, it seems! But I love looking at pictures of them. Not that these are blue…but I still find the beauty in this pic!

    1. In Dublin you get every possible door color you can imagine (I’ve even seen hot pink). Google “Dublin doors” and see for yourself :) Maybe I’ll take some door photos in the future.

  4. I love color. I recently just got over “white wall syndrome” in my house and have started exploring color. I have a white and chartreuse den, a deep purple and bright green powder room, a lilac and light sage living room and dining room, deep purple stairs and the list goes on.

  5. Verrry interesting . . . however I would not care to have this thing next door to me. Lots of colors look great in a photo, but not so great if you have to drive by it every day. I’m just sayin’ . . . I lived on a street years ago (in Seattle), where a resident had painted their house an extremely vibrant shade of purple. It didn’t look good. No judgement of Dublin implied, I think that if everyone is doing it, it may look good. If you are the only one doing it, maybe you shouldn’t do it. Just sayin’ . . .

  6. Wouldn’t have expected Dubliners to be so vibrant in their exterior paint choices! The yellow-umber next door, the red on top and lavender on bottom, along with the lady in turquoise create quite a colorful photo. Are a lot of Dublin buildings painted so vibrantly?

    I loved going to Bermuda where all the houses are done in these lovely pastel and tropical shades. All the roofs are white, so that created cohesiveness, but the main body of most of the houses were such Easter-eggy shades that I could hardly believe it. What a fun look for a place, I thought.

    1. Most of them are not, however the doors tend to be painted in vibrant colours (google “Dublin doors” and see for yourself). A combination like on this photo is not unusual, but not too often.

  7. I don’t need caffeine to keep me awake anymore. This picture is like eye-candy, and it serves well for late nighters. Staring at it for some time helps put your brain on overdrive. Amazing work, good luck for your future pieces.

  8. I love Dublin. I´ve been living there for 2 years. People are fantastic, it´s always rainning, that is the worst thing -I´m spanish, I love the sun- but in spite of this, I´ll always love Dublin.

  9. I love the weight of that red sitting on top of everything with the small blue full stop dot in the bottom right hand corner. Like an exclamation mark on the right with the mustard pillar and turquoise blue saying “wow look at that red and purple combo!”

  10. LOVE the color in this shot. I think every city should be like this. It looks so happy and inviting! Who needs monuments when you have awesome blocks of color like this?!

  11. Love the colors – so vibrant. In Mexico, houses and business are very colorful too. Looks great, especially on a cloudy, dreary day to bring some color into our lives. Unfortunately in U.S. everyone gets upset if businesses/houses are not uniform in color or are outside the ‘norm’ of everyone else. Some areas have laws where you cannot paint your house or business certain colors.

  12. Amazing photo, I love how those colors are put together. They usually have nothing to do with each other but, there, on buildings, it looks like they give life to the city! I live in a very white area, we use a lot of light colors here…it’s completely different!

  13. I’m leaving for Dublin in 2 weeks! Coming across this from Chris Cocca’s blog was just the thing I needed to get me even more excited! I bought the tickets yesterday for my best friend and I on complete spontaneity! This is going to be wonderful.

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